We are located in the great little town of Richland, Oregon.  It

is a quiet town in Eagle Valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

Brownlee Reservoir is 2 miles east of Richland.


 Traveling either north or south on I-84 at Baker City, Oregon Take Exit #302 (Hwy. 86) and follow it until you arrive in Richland.


          City of Richland           Mayor Dick Pedersen          541-893-6141








         ANDY'S HILLTOP RETREAT                    541-518-5852

ANNIE’S CAFÉ                                        541-893-6167

BLACK'S DISTIBUTING (fuel)                  541-893-6090

CORNUCOPIA LODGE                               541-742-4500

EAGLE VALLEY RV PARK                            541-893-6161

ELKHORN MT. BED & BREAKFAST             503-871-8900

HALFWAY MOTEL & RV                            541-742-5722

HEWITT/HOLCOMB PARK                        541-893-6147

HITCHING POST GROCERY                      541-893-6175

HITCHING POST MOTEL                541-893-6176

PINE VALLEY LODGE                             541-742-2027

THE MAIN PLACE                                  541-742-6246

RICHLAND FEED & SEED               541-893-6131

SHORTHORN BAR & GRILL                    541-893-3117

WHITE FIR RETREAT                            541-742-5040

WILD BILL'S                                       541-742-5833